Bundy Ranch Standoff: An Overview

Photo Credit: Yahoo News

Photo Credit: Yahoo News


By now, you have probably heard about the events in Nevada regarding rancher Cliven Bundy and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). If not, here are the basics:

Build Up

Cliven Bundy and his family have worked land called the Bunkerville allotment since 1887, when Bundy’s grandfather bought the rights to do so. This right to work the land was then sold down the family line, ultimately being handed over to Cliven Bundy in 1972.

The family has been legitimately working the land for over 100 years and using it for their livelihood, which I would consider legitimate ownership. However, somewhere down the line, the BLM came in to regulate the grazing of cattle. Mr. Bundy paid these fees for a certain period of time, but stopped when the BLM began using those fees to drive other ranchers off their land by buying them off or regulating them out of business.

Quite frankly, I don’t blame Bundy for refusing to pay fees that would in turn be used against him and his family, and would consider his actions to be an act of civil disobedience. The BLM can claim “ownership” of all the land in Nevada (oh, they basically do), but they have no right to engage in armed aggression and theft against the Bundy family.

BLM Assault 

What happened next is truly disheartening to anyone who claims to love this country and its ideals. The BLM, accompanied by federal agents armed with assault and sniper rifles, surrounded the ranch and began stealing Bundy’s cattle. They intended to sell the cattle across state lines in order to get the money Bundy owed in grazing fees, but as I will show you, the BLM abused this process as well. At one point, federal agents were at a standoff with the family and supporters, which ended when the agents assaulted and tazed multiple Bundy supporters (including a pregnant woman and a cancer survivor…that video can be seen here).

These events served as a “call to arms” for Americans around the country to come and stand up for the Bundy family. Multiple militias, former law enforcement, law makers, and average citizens arrived by the hundreds to stand up against the BLM and federal agents. The result was a scene right out of an old western film; threatened with being shot, the makeshift militia advanced on the BLM gates and ultimately forced them to back down and return the cattle. Cheers of victory echoed through the landscape as the cattle were freed from their federal holding cages. It was truly a historic moment in showing that the people still have the power, and can exert that power in the face of government abuse to diffuse potentially deadly circumstances.


In the coming days, Bundy family and supporters celebrated the victory over the BLM cattle grab. However, this celebration was somewhat short lived, as the carnage left by the BLM was slowly being discovered. The agency had not only stolen the cattle, but went as far as shooting them in the head and dumping them in mass graves. Recent reports show that some were shot by snipers from a helicopter multiple times “for fun”. This isn’t particularly surprising, as the BLM hasn’t had an issue with killing even endangered animals by the hundreds.

Which reminds me…

One of the initial justifications for rounding up Bundy’s cattle was to protect the endangered desert tortoise, because the big bad cattle may step on one, or something. Any reason they may have had, however, is complete nonsense. Guess what endangered species the BLM is/has been killing by the hundreds? You’ve got it: the desert tortoise. Like I said above, this should not be surprising, as hypocrisy is just one of the many wonderful fibers that make up government bureaucracy.

Establishment Attacks Bundy and Supporters

We all should have guessed that the feds were not going to be too happy with the outcome in Nevada. Since the standoff victory, Bundy supporters have been painted every color in the book: Red necks, hillbillies, gun toting hill people, anarchists, hate filled white men, and of course the establishment favorite, racists.

Senator Harry Reid even went as far to call supporters of Bundy and his stand against the feds “domestic terrorists” engaged in “domestic terrorism”. This is a disturbing characterization, and insinuates that patriotic Americans standing up for what is right should be considered on the same level as Al-Qaeda or other genuine terrorist organizations. Of course, many of us see through this tactic, but there are many that do not and will repeat this description. It is important to remember that if the establishment can label a normal citizen a terrorist, they can do almost anything to that person in the name of “national security”. It is a dangerous and slippery slope.

Finally, back to the establishment favorite tactic of screaming “racism!”.

Recently, the New York Times ran a story in which they quoted Bundy speaking to a small group of supporters where he was talking about how minorities were essentially under a form of slavery through government bureaucracy, and wondered if they were better off under physical slavery in terms of having a family unit and work. He at no time advocated for slavery to be re instituted, or stated they would be better off as slaves. He was simply making an observation of comparison. Of course, Mr. Bundy is not politically correct in any sense of the word, and used the term “negro” to describe African Americans. The quote was of course out of context, and has been used by the establishment as absolute proof of racism.

It is always important to have full context on a quote, especially one of controversial nature such as this, and fortunately video of the full speech has surfaced. It begins with Bundy stating that minorities can be helped and gain more freedom for self sustainability by getting rid of all the government welfare and bureaucracy. He later states that he views all people as part of the human family, commenting on illegal immigration. He said that although they are breaking the (immigration) law, they are people and deserve to be treated as equals, and that he has worked “side by side” with many of them.

My take on this attack is that the establishment is scared. They saw what happened on the ranch when pissed off Americans rally together in the face of government oppression, and they are terrified. Now, they are resorting to dirty tactics of name calling with the help of the mainstream media to discredit any patriotic American who feels the government is out of control. It makes perfect sense; school yard bullies use the same tactics of mentally degrading their victims to turn others against them which masks the bullies own insecurities and weakness.

The federal government is simply a big bully who is starting to lose its illusion of unchecked power and dominance. We the People must not let these attacks break our focus from the real issue at hand.





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