Something Personal

If you are looking to read political commentary on a specific issue, go ahead and stop. This is a therapeutic post.

I have been in somewhat of a writing slump the last week. I have started three or four drafts on various topics, but I just cannot muster the drive to complete them.

I try very hard to not let my personal problems get in the way of promoting what I believe in, but unfortunately the reality is that they do. If I am feeling depressed, tasks tend to stack up and become incredibly daunting, despite how simple or irrelevant they may be; writing a new blog post to stay consistent, going to the gym, keeping my desk at work free of clutter (it isn’t), and other minimal tasks.

On top of that, and because of my interest in liberty and the attacks on it, constantly thinking of new topics to write about can be mentally exhausting. As I mentioned in my post on staying positive, acknowledging and accepting the realities of this screwed up world can push you off the edge at times. It’s not easy putting yourself out there and talking about the values of freedom as it relates to current events.

Most people that are so kind to read this blog (or at least click the link) know that I work for a Tennessee State Senator and have spent a large majority of my time doing all I can to help him and the people he represents. However, this too has been somewhat discouraging, as I am quickly realizing that doing the right thing and trying to protect the rights of innocent people is so much easier said than done. I knew it would be a challenge, but seeing the lies and deceit up close really put it into perspective.

For example, our office has been working to stop Tennessee from assisting the National Security Agency (the NSA) in illegally spying and storing your personal conversations (OK, a little political commentary). The support the legislation has been overwhelming and most people like the idea of their personal data being secure, but special interests and misinformation has made passing this bill almost impossible. Of course, I am not throwing in the towel, and will keep working to get it passed.

Fortunately, there are stronger people than I that share my beliefs, and push forward every day in advancing the cause for liberty. These individuals inspire me to keep my head up and ignore the negativity, and I am forever in debt to them for doing so (even if they don’t know it).

My point is, if there is a point to this posting, is this: Even if you feel like you are the only one in the world that cares about a certain thing or issue, you’re not. I promise. There are others out there that feel exactly like you do. The only thing prohibiting you from finding these people is fear, and no matter how intense that fear is, you must overcome it; because when you do, there is no stopping the power and potential that comes from individuals voluntarily coming together for a common goal.

Thank you for reading, and I promise that more issue-based posts are on the way. Just not today.


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